Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (June 12-16, 2021)

Call for Podium and Poster Presentations: General Overview

The AWHONN Program Committee presentersis accepting proposals for podium and poster presentations for the 2021 Annual Convention, June 12-16, 2021 at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Fl. Submit your proposal today! Presenting at the AWHONN Convention ensures that your oral or poster presentation will be heard or viewed by a highly skilled and influential body of nurses. Those interested in this opportunity have six application options available.

Presentation Options

  • Podium Presentation – 30-minute individual session presenting with powerpoint slides
  • Speed Poster Podium Presentation- 10-minute oral presentation of your poster with 2-4 slides in a speed setting with other poster presentations
  • Poster Presentation – traditional poster presentation in the poster room. Scheduled time to interact with participants discussing your poster.

Convention Learning Outcomes

  1. Formulate strategies that integrate current research findings into practice within the specialty areas of women’s health, obstetrics, and neonatal nursing.
  2. Evaluate educational tools for application to practice when providing safe, high quality, and inclusive care for women and newborns.
  3. Assemble significant evidence for incorporation into advocacy strategies for the health of women, newborns, and families.

Presentation Options

Deadline for Oral Paper and Poster Submissions – January 4, 2021 at 11:59pm ET.

To START a presentation and learn more about the submission requirements, click on the title of the appropriate presentation category listed below.

    Oral and Poster Presentation Categories

    The submission process is the same for both podium and poster presentations. You will be asked to indicate your preference.

    • Evidence Based Practice Project - Original and completed evidence-based projects where data are collected. This category includes projects based on best available evidence that are designed to improve patient care, nursing care, or nursing education structures, processes, or outcomes.
    • Innovative Program - Newly created and implemented programs that address challenges in women’s health, obstetric and neonatal nursing practice, education or administration.
    • Quality Improvement Project - Original and completed quality improvement (QI) projects where data are collected. This category includes projects based on best available evidence that are designed to improve patient care, nursing care, or nursing education structures, processes, or outcomes. Quality Improvement Projects are based on SQUIRE 2.0 Guidelines.
    • Research - Original research related to women’s health, obstetric and/or neonatal practice, education or administration. For studies currently undergoing data collection or analysis, a clear plan and timeline should be addressed as well as any preliminary findings.

    Poster Presentation Only Category

    • Case Study (Poster Only) – An in-depth study and analysis of a complicated or rare patient case. Case studies pertain to a single patient care situation.


  1. How do I know in which category I should submit? Read the criteria for the categories and pick the one that fits your submission.
  2. Can I submit the same abstract in more than one category? No, you cannot submit the same abstract in more than one category. Select the category that fits your submission.
  3. How many abstracts can I submit? There is no limit.
  4. Can I re-submit an abstract that I submitted previously? Only if the abstract was not presented previously at the national AWHONN Convention.
  5. How are the abstracts selected for presentation? Innovative Programs and Case Studies are reviewed by members of the Convention Program Committee. Research, Quality Improvement Project and Evidence Based Practice Project abstracts are reviewed by members of the Research Advisory Panel. All abstracts are scored using standardized criteria outlined in the detailed descriptions of each category.
  6. How can I optimize chances of having my abstract accepted? Follow directions. Pay close attention to the criteria; fill out the on-line forms carefully, correctly and completely. When completing the bibliography, use references that are up to date (within the last 5 years) from peer reviewed journals and when possible from nursing literature.
  7. When will I hear whether my abstract was accepted? Notifications will be sent the end of January.

Technical Assistance:

For help in submitting an abstract online, email Tech Support